If you read about or listen to the stories of authors, you will hear them say that they write EVERY DAY. Each year I set out on a journey called "THE ARTISTS WAY". Part of this program involves something called "THE MORNING PAGES" (writing every morning). I faithfully start every January and by March I fizzle out again, pick it up lay it down, on and on...BUT this week, I've had super good excuses, I promise ! (Spoken in my early school days voice). NOW, GO GET YOUR COFFEE THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD, WITH PICTURES & EVERYTHING !!

 MONDAY-  Remember how I was at my Mom's last week ? Mr.Wonderful is many things, a dust patrol agent he is NOT. I grabbed my cleaning weapons and went to work. Good thing I did because wait 'til you see what happens !

TUESDAY - My youngest GRANDBUDDY "A" came to stay for a couple of days. We LOVE "Despicable Me" and part two opened Wednesday. YES, I MAKE UP WORDS. YES, IT MAKES LIFE MORE FUN. Try it with your kids, they'll love it.

 WEDNESDAY-  "A" and "Tu-tu" (that's me, it's a Hawaiian Grandmother) set out to be first in line for the ten a.m. premiere of DESPICABLE ME II. That night, Mr. Wonderful and Tu-tu take "A" to a local Food Truck & Fireworks event. While we're there it storms, Everyone is walking around with umbrella's. A person walks up & says something to me, I look under an umbrella and into the face of my thirty something youngest daughter, who lives in NEW YORK. WOW. She loves surprises, so does her boyfriend. (Good thing I cleaned the house, right ?) She came to town to surprise her DaddyO for his 60th Birthday on the 4th of July. Why not surprise everyone ? 

THURSDAY THE FOURTH OF JULY- Our whole family, past, present and future, gather at my oldest daughter's home for a Birthday and fireworks celebration. Just before we all head to the street at dusk... My younger daughter's boyfriend stands and says loudly, "I just want to say thank you all for...blurrrrr  ask if she will marry me"...(que the ring box)..fainting, sobbing, snot.."WHHHAAAATT????" say her siblings and various folks not "in the know". He asked me at the Food Truck thing & her DaddyO earlier in the day. I told Mr.Wonderful, who was camera ready, just in case. THEN, we all set off the best ever home fireworks display EVER. 

FRIDAYI start again, writing my "MORNING PAGES" .Sometimes you just have to let go of your goals and let life happen. Hey, look what happened, I got a story for today's blog. A new Chapter for my family story. I like that. I hope you liked it too. 


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NAE-PAT July 4 012.JPG