I have a precious friend, she has red hair. She calls herself a "shade babe" my daughter calls her "hell on heels". She taught my daughter to drive a stick shift. She packs a pistol. She's loaded with the tude, that's TOWANDATUDE of course.The little rhyme that follows i wrote for her wedding and read it for my "toast to the bride" a few years back.

In honor of our first trip together, backpacking in June 1974, I post it here today.


We were just eighteen, when our friendship first set sail

When we set off to conquer the Ocala Trail, 

So Belinda bought new shoes, a weakness I'd normally excuse

But she kept singing the blues with a whining refrain  

"I've got blisters, I'm in pain !"  

And now thirty plus years have passed

Today is your Wedding Day and all my children say, 

"Oh Aunt Belinda, Hooray! Hooray!" 

Many Band-aids later and miles of travel  

Years of Malls and countless phone calls

Eons of antiquing (and here i am public speaking & freaking)! 

YOU are my HERO

My original TOWANDA GIRL

Hell on heels  

Speed Demon at the wheel

A lady, A true friend. 

My dearest dear. 

You are a Fairy Princess on this your Wedding Day. 

I love you. (2005) 


Two crazy gals in 2009. 

Two crazy gals in 2009.