Mr Wonderful

IF you know me personally, you know that I call my husband MR WONDERFUL , and he calls me "MY BRIDE" . We met for the first time, when I was fourteen years old. It was June.He was my first boyfriend. He took me on my first "sort of" date. My Mom let me ride on his motorcycle to a church function. We broke up the following school year. After High School, I moved away, married and had children. He stayed local, married and had a child. FAST FORWARD thirty plus years.   We meet again, back in my home state and we got married. It's an incredible thing to finish your life with the person you first opened your heart to. It's a  privilege I don't take lightly.

I never forgot "My red haired boy" , the picture of him remained in my minds eye. Here is a little something I wrote a while back about that summer day, long ago.

Summer Sun, melting asphalt

Motorcycle buzzing, passenger laughing, 

Legs and arms flailing

A glimpse of orange (your hair) 

A beautiful smile, blue eyes shining

The sound of your laughter as you pass by... 

At that moment

You left an imprint on my heart

and my life

Leaving this photograph forever

in my minds eye

Then and now, YOU

My first love, the rest of my life LOVE.

Happy Anniversary Mr.Wonderful from your "Bride"

Mr Wonderful and his Bride.

Mr Wonderful and his Bride.