It’s the small things…in appreciation of pinky and others. GRATITUDE GUSHING

It’s the small things…in appreciation of pinky and others. GRATITUDE GUSHING    

The "not so common Tickseed in our gardens...     

The "not so common Tickseed in our gardens...


In my life it seems it's the small things that I often forget to acknowledge. One day a series of unfortunate events smacks you upside the head and yells, “HEY YOU! Look over here for a minute!” 

Over the last two years I've continued to read about making a daily “gratitude list”. The concept is to focus more on all the things we take for granted, being present and really letting gratitude well up within us. It’s a sort of journal I now keep, listing the beautiful things and moments that often go unnoticed.

This morning I wrote of the vibrant yellow color of the “Common Tickseed” in full bloom throughout my garden. I wrote about their thin stems and how they are presently straining all in the same direction, reaching for a glimpse of the sun on this gloomy morning. These native flowers were labeled as weeds by many when I was a kid. Dear tiny common tickseed, you're a little miracle on a green thread. I guess you're not so “common” after all!

It’s the small things that we don’t always see.

In May, my smallest finger met with a power window and the results aren't pretty. However, I came to realize through this ordeal (my fear of doctors, hand surgery, insurance nightmare) yet again, the glorious miracle of small things.

And my gratitude list grows longer…

Did you ever notice that your little pinky stabilizes your fork, your pen, types the letters A, Q, P and various symbols? It helps turn the ignition key to start the car, unlock a door.

Our tiny shed bunny

Our tiny shed bunny

It’s the added bit of weight that balances a paint brush, a mascara wand. And yet, it’s a powerful force working together with four others to grasp a knife for chopping, or gripping a trowel for planting, or holding to the base of my trusty camera.

So dears, it’s the small things I gush with gratitude about this morning.

The beauty in the “common” little things

Brilliant, tiny, yellow flowers on minuscule stems…

The tiny beings that inhabit our garden, running and playing even in the rain, a tiny vole, the newest baby “shed” bunny.

My constant companion, Eddie B., who thinks he’s tiny, (shhh, please don’t tell him he’s not, he’s so polite, he might refrain from lounging across my lap as I write to you).

And last of all, (but certainly not least) my tiniest digit, pinky. Who knew how mighty you are? Someone mightier than I…

“I will give hanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works, And my soul knows it very well." *Psalm 139:14


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