Living a COLORFUL Life of COMPASSION-Changing Out My C's

Dear Reader Friend,

I've noticed lately, the angst that seems to build within me at times. I catch myself getting irritated for small reasons. I cut myself off from social media and the television for a day or two at a time, allowing myself peace and quiet from the turbulence. I am all for agreeing to disagree. We all have different persuasions, that's not it so much as the negative, "snarky" posts on social media, the blasts on the news. It's not the way I want to fill my day, my world, my mind, or my physical well being.

I was standing in the check-out line at our local supermarket yesterday. A woman got in line behind me and I was immediately taken by the sight of her hair, it was beautiful. I kept talking to our cashier "Robin", she and I always chat when I come in. As I was about to leave, I turned to the gal behind me and said, "Your hair is beautiful", there was a second where she seemed stunned and then, "Oh, thank you so much!"

I exited the store, conversing with Rob, (the guy that carries out my groceries) about his kids coming from Connecticut next week. I stopped for a group of Japanese tourists that seemed to be lost in the parking lot. I noticed within myself a peace, and a feeling of camaraderie with my fellow man (woman) and realized I was smiling.

These kinds of events don't happen daily for me, and I guess that's the point I'm about to get to...You knew I was going somewhere with this, right? Why can't they happen everyday? I began to think about changing out my C's... To give more Compliments rather than Criticism. 

What if ...EACH DAY, I could live a more colorful life, one of non-competition, co-existing with others in camaraderie...

When I feel  that my words are sounding caustic, I try to extend COMPASSION?

Every time I start to criticize, I switch it up to a COMPLIMENT?

Instead of critiquing with my eyes, I look beyond with my heart... to CARING

Whenever I feel combative, about to challenge someones opinion, method, political or religious persuasion-I CONSIDER their way?  What if I am COURTEOUS and respond with "I'm going to give that some thought" What a lovely way to COMPLETE A CONVERSATION.

When I feel that green eyed monster of condemnation, I can switch it up to give someone or myself, a COMMENDATION!

These are challenging ideas that will take some work on my part. I'll have to practice holding my catty remarks and switch up my behavior to being COURAGEOUS! There's no room for the CHICKEN HEARTED in this exercise!

Wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope you know that you are beautiful, gifted and cared about from afar. I hope your day is gentle, colorful and glorious.

Blessings, Towandagal-KayLou

P.S. Let me know if you think of some other C's we can switch up!