Heartbreak songs, Breakup songs…Did you have one? What was it ?


I went to the movies yesterday with my gal-pal Diane (aka; "Little Lou”). Since it was a treat for her recent Birthday, she got to choose the flick. She said she wanted to see “The Fault in our Stars”. When we were in our early teens, we had seen LOVE STORY together, so we needed to see this generation’s LOVE STORY together. It was all that we expected. Diagnosis meets love, love meets tragedy, coupled with multitudes of Kleenex and nose blowing by middle aged ladies munching popcorn (and yes, Diane snuck in the M & M’s, because we can’t have popcorn without M&M’s). 

I heard a song during one of the previews yesterday that’s been popular for a while. I’m no teenager, but I’ll bet it’s this era’s top HEART BREAK SONG “Say Something I’M GIVING UP ON YOU”. If I was a teen, I’d wear a grove in that C.D. I love it.

I’m a sound track lover. Mr Wonderful and I will often sit all the way through the credits long after a movie ends to find out “who sang that song?” Yesterday’s movie was a soundtrack of sappy-ness. It took me back to LOVE STORY and the theme song. Remember that one? After we saw LOVE STORY in 1970, I cried every time I heard that sappy tune by Francis Lai. Re-live the memory here :   http://youtu.be/WTSc4hBdCd0 

 It got me thinking about “Break Up Songs”.

Do you have a BREAK UP SONG from your youth? You know, that one you played over and over? When I was a young teen it was “How can you mend a broken heart?” and on a particularly bad day, it was “I started a joke”. Oh boy that was a killer. Both songs were by the BeeGees who had the gift for this genre. 

Those tunes put an unexplainable ache in my chest. Their words evoked tears to fall, snot to run and my nose to resemble that of Rudolph the reindeer. AND THEN, the poetry writing would begin. Bad poetry that erupted from the depth’s of my broken heart. It was often accompanied by wild doodles, sometimes a charcoal drawing, smudged with blank faces. (Oh yes, I was a deep one !) My goal was to hopefully do what these musicians had done, get across that feeling. To give words and maybe a visual to the ache in my gut that I couldn’t explain to anyone, one that I was sure would eventually consume me. Fortunately, I lived to tell about it all, forty years later !

Those “Breakup songs” were therapeutic. It was as though someone felt what we were feeling and put it to music. Then we could get in our car, roll down the windows, crank up the volume and SING ! SING AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS!  “SAY SOMETHING I’M GIVING UP ON YOU”

TAKE A MINUTE here, and share with me your favorite BREAK UP SONG. Maybe a little name-drop too? Of the rascal who evoked the heartbreak way back then! Drop 'em off over on the Facebook page Towandatude.com Do it with TOWANDATUDE! This could be fun and therapeutic!



Here’s mine: How can you mend a broken heart ? /Bee Gee’s…James C. 8th grade

Thank You / Led Zeppelin…Mr.Wonderful (long ago) 9th grade

P.S. A little redemption note about Mr W. After our first date when we were in our forties, he called me from his cell phone, turned up the volume on his car radio and guess what song was playing? That’s right girls, “THANK YOU” by Led Zeppelin. He remembered our old song ! Don’t give up hope, your Mr.Wonderful is out there !


"Say Something I’m giving up on you" / A Great Big World http://youtu.be/BmErRm-vApI

The Scientist ("Lets Go Back to the Start") / Coldplay http://youtu.be/_fkOsmdSM0A