Happy Birthday Hannah

In a few days my first born daughter will turn thirty five. Happy Birthday Little Hannah.

What a journey we have had together. I knew you before I saw you. I longed to hear your voice. When you emerged I knew I had witnessed a miracle, something beyond comprehension. There you were in my arms, all pink and new. The thought of a rosebud filled my mind.

We are on a road together traveling. Through phases and eras, dark tunnels and open highways of discovery, miles of life lived, eons of change endured. You have been with me and I with you, constant companions, even when we have lived apart.

I love you with all my heart my love. My bright, silly, brilliant, maternal, artistic girl. You have brought so much joy and wonder to my life. You encourage me every day.

Happy, Happy Birthday little rosebud, Han-girl. From your grateful mom.