A Heart Overwhelmed

I have an affliction. It's a good one I think. I am not sure what to call it or why I have it. Maybe you have it too. I've caught a glimpse of it from time to time in conversation with other ladies over the years.  

Sometimes, My heart hurts, and it's a good hurt. It's a deep "moved" feeling. Ya know, like when you hear someone say "I was deeply moved" ? It will be a seemingly insignificant thing that prompts it. Yesterday it was the sound of my Harmonic Wind Chimes blowing in the gentle breeze as I gazed out at the beauty of the deep magenta colored Cosmos growing in the garden. I suddenly was overwhelmed by that moment. Overcome with gratefulness and wonder. And then it was there, like a deep ache of emotion for this moment. You find yourself wondering, does anyone else see this ? Hey, can you hear that ?  

I wonder about the catch phrase of our day "be present in the moment". Is that what this is ? Or, is it my lack of hormones ? Or, is it what the scriptures call "A heart of thanksgiving"? Remembering back to the phrases of my youth like, "Stop and smell the roses". Whatever the label, whatever it is, I am enjoying it.  

Today, take a small space of time and allow yourself to really "drink in" a moment. A child's laughter, a garden, the sound of water, a beautiful painting. Beauty is all around us. It's delicious!!  Be "present" to be "moved deeply" as you "stop and smell the roses"  with a "thankful heart" and lots of "TOWANDATUDE!"

*The pictures below were taken during and incandescent moment with my daughter Naomi, when we saw the "Water Lilies" exhibit at the MOMA together. Who knew that painting was SO HUGE !   I will treasure that moment of wonder forever.