You never know...(the underwear rule and "slacking")

"Don't wear clothes with holes in them or safety pins, what if you were in an accident?"  AND "Always look your best, you never know who you might meet!" Growing up I was always guided by these lines. Most ladies my age were. They were a sort of "check-list" before you left the house. These are among the block building neurotic phrases of my childhood. I had heard these things all my life and they became embedded somewhere in the recesses of my brain, so much so that once when I was in a bad car accident, as the E.M.T. person was removing my shoe, all I could think of was "The one time I leave the house with a hole in my sock, look what happens !" AND, yes of course I said it out loud to the E.M.T. ! It was probably the only laugh she had on a call that day.   

The world seems to be changing though. Yesterday I ran out of the house in my work out clothes to the local Walmart across the way. My neurosis ringing in my ears about how badly I was dressed....I got out of the car and as I started across the parking lot, a woman not much younger than me, exited her car. She was wearing a cami style tank top and pajama bottoms with flip flops. Wow. Here I was feeling so under dressed for my quick run into the store.  

I guess I haven't gotten the memo. You know, the one that must have gone out while I was in a time warp somewhere. The memo that said it's okay to wear your bra under any style shirt with your straps showing, (did strapless bra's go out of style ?) The same memo must have also said, you no longer have to get dressed when you get out of bed before leaving the house. I don't know about you, but I am confused. I was a teen in the hippie era, I've sported some pretty edgy jean shorts and halter tops with peace sign patches in my day. But this seems to be something different, and I am not sure what it is ? It just isn't anything. I have a daughter that wears blue hair, tattoo's and a mohawk hair-do on occasion. But she does it with style and takes great care in it, she OWNS it ! She has since she was fifteen.

I guess that's what this new "slacking" (I will now call it) is, it just isn't anything. It's not creative, there's no pride in p.j.'s and slippers at the mall. Is that really going to be someone's "signature look" ? My Mam-Maw and Audrey Hepburn would certainly be shocked at these latest trends.    

In closing, I just want to say, dress with your own special style, whatever that is. That is your own signature stamp that you go out into the world with, (Hopefully, without any holes or safety pins, ya know, "just in case"). Whatever the style, whatever the hair color, to color or not to color, whatever, It's yours, OWN IT, No "slacking". Make a mark with your signature on the world today. Your own TOWANDATUDE. Remember what Mam-Maw said, "You just never know who you might meet." 






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