YIKES! It's Really A Jungle Out There

Aaahhh..The tranquil beauty of my garden..fountains gurgling, butterflies flitting, birdies singing. The sound of the harmonic wind chimes and bamboo singing soothingly as the breeze gently blows. Birdies flopping around in the bird bath's, fragrant jasmine...**cue the sound of brakes squealing...   

DO NOT BE FOOLED MY FRIEND !  It's all a facade, It's really a jungle out there !

See that lavender bush ? I was finally able to grow one. A miracle in this region. Look closer, there's a wasp nest in there. Thus, the reason my pinky finger looks like a sausage link presently. 

There's my nemesis, MR.SQUIRREL. He daily empties my feeders and regularly takes them apart. Sam Squirrel ( well of course I have named him ) loves to dig in my hanging orchids, what he's after I don't know. I greet him with my MIME RIFLE, *(mime rifle-no longer operating bee-bee gun)  I am not sure why, but he always runs away.

Oh, and there's the GIANT POISON BUFO TOAD (bufo marinus)  that almost took out my Charlie Boy a while back. A midnight run to the Animal E.R. and $300.00 later, Charlie pulled through. 

A few weeks ago as my daughter exited our front door, she was greeted by a crazy RACCOON, just hangin' around on the front porch. It may have been ROCKY'S wife. (remember Rocky Raccoon in the back yard in an earlier post?) 

And last but not least, MOLES IN THE SWIMMING POOL. Yes friends, that's right, they swim ! Funny, I never thought of them as aquatic animals. Turns out those digging paws double as flippers if one desires a little dip in the pool. Who knew ?  

Ahhhh..yes, the tranquil garden, so beautiful and serene. Perhaps I'll just enjoy the beauty from the screen porch, while I muster up some TOWANDATUDE to get back out there ! Mr. Wonderful, bring me my Mime Rifle...


Percy, our resident PAINTED BUNTING. He and his wife Penny show up every year.

Percy, our resident PAINTED BUNTING. He and his wife Penny show up every year.