The Secret Place

Do You have a secret place ? A location that you retreat to, to be alone with YOU. Sometimes it's not so much the location as it is the isolation.  When my children were young, my secret place was at the little table in front of the window in our kitchen. Almost every day at nap time you could find me there. I would brew myself a lovely cup of tea, dole out one of my hidden "for mommy only" Mint Milano cookies, and read or write. For a glorious half hour or so, this was my time alone. Time to re-group, re-charge and preserve my sanity. 

Years later, when I was going through a particularly rough time in my life, my step Father approached me with a question. He asked me where my favorite place to go was and what was my favorite thing to do that would make me feel happy ? Think about it, he said, and do it, make time for you. I gave it some thought and carved out time a couple of times a week to make a late afternoon trip after work, with my son and one of his friends to go and sit at the beach. Mostly I just sat there watching the waves, listening to the sounds. Later I began to write or draw. I started to feel like I could sort through things and carry on with my future.

Now, as  you know from earlier posts, my favorite no secret-secret place is on my screen porch. I am always accompanied by my Charlie Boy (the 14 yr.old killer cockapoo) and The Dinosaur (my 8 yr.old laptop). I try and make it out there really early in the morning for a little time of devotions and writing. I have to say it's an integral part of my day.

These quiet golden times are a place where you meet YOU. It's okay to be selfish about them. It's your special time. It's Your date with the beauty of your very own self. To listen to your thoughts and to dream. Or maybe just read someone else's thoughts and get inspired. It's a great place to dream big dreams of what you might do.. The possibilities are endlessly filled with your very own Towandatude

 Go ahead, take some time and   make some time just for you.


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