Meet Jennifer Fritts. A Young Woman living a Towandatude filled life !

Meet Jennifer Fritts, soon to be twenty five. She's a Towandatude filled gal!  When she's not working her "day job" at a nuclear power plant, she's taking trapeze lessons or traveling the globe. Have a little read and feel inspired !

Jennifer graduated this past spring from Indian River State College in Florida. She studied in their Advanced Technology Program, majoring in "Radiation Protection". She is now a contractor for nuclear power plants. She will be traveling for the first three years of her new career, all over the US and possibly other countries. Jenn will be working what they call "outages" it's when  they shut down the reactor to do maintenance on the plant. As a radiation protection worker, she measures the radiation levels to make sure it's safe for the workers to be in the area where they will be working. Jenn says she originally was in school for teaching, but changed her career choice because ".. working in the nuclear field, I can work eight months out of the year, then have time off to travel and explore. It always allows me to be a strong female in a predominantly male dominated field".

She loves traveling, exploring, snorkeling, skydiving and paddle boarding. "Anything that I can get my hands on, I'll try at least once! Last year, I got to try the trapeze and that was super fun and different. I am an adrenaline junkie, I like pushing myself to the limits!"

This young woman has been to Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, France and Spain. "This past summer, I booked a trip to Switzerland, two weeks before the flight.  A friend was going alone on a trip there, I had been saving to buy a new car, I made the decision to take that money, buy a ticket and go ! It was the most liberating experience! My friend got there the week before me. I flew in, bought a train pass and off we went! Each day, we picked where we wanted to go and just went. We went to Zurich, Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Geneva and Zermatt. We went skydiving, watched base jumpers and we even went to a music festival. We had no plans the whole trip and by just 'going with the flow', we found and made the best experiences ever!" Jenn can't wait to go traveling again.

Jennifer loves spending time with her family, when she's not working a seventy two hour work week at the power plant. She especially enjoys hanging out with her six year old niece Hannah.  "When I'm not at a plant, I waitress at The Dune Dog Cafe". She has worked there for the past 3 years, working and putting herself through college. She plans on going back to work there after the current nuclear power plant outage that she's working at "... and maybe after another vacation!"

What an bundle of energy ! You're doing it Jennifer ! Keep living a TOWANDATUDE filled life !  

A little montage of a TOWANDATUDE filled life !   

A little montage of a TOWANDATUDE filled life !