IT's TOWANDATUDE TUESDAY ! Here's TWO TOWANDATUDE filled Gals to inspire you.

Meet Tiffany Lacasse Johnseon, in the center of some TOWANDATUDE filled Girl Pals. Last weekend she married her childhood sweetheart Lance. Tiffany is a Powerhouse Gal ! During the week she's an elementary school teacher and on the weekends she's a lifeguard at the local beaches. In the summertime Tiffany helps to run local surf camps and junior lifeguard camps. Keep Up The Good Work Tiffany!


HERE'S HANNAH ! Hannah is a TOWANDATUDE filled wife, artist and home school educator to her two children. She and her family recently embarked on a journey in foster parenting. In a recent conversation with Hannah, she shared her passion for life with me. "....there is such a need for people to be available to one another, that's not being co-dependent it's the message of the Gospel. Are we to be an island surrounded by our 'boundaries'? What kind of life is that ?" Thanks for the "food for thought" Hannah !