The Silence of SNOW

The beauty of silence.

The beauty of silence.

I took a  trip in the middle of this weeks snow fiasco that caught everyone in the south off guard. I know a lot of folks experienced some pretty traumatic things this week, from giving birth on the side of the highway, to car accidents and house fires. My prayers are with them. I was safe and sound and only ventured out a few times on the snow covered byways. It's always been a thrill for me to drive in the snow. It's been nice to get a small taste of it again.

For me, this past week has been one of silence mostly. I had forgotten about the silence that comes with snowfall. The stillness right in the middle of the world going on around you. As the flakes fall and the leaves left on the trees are silenced from rustling. The ground gets covered with a blanket of white that silences footsteps. Birds stand out now against the white backdrop. My mind goes back to the snow days and blizzards of my children's youth. When I was in my glory of making popcorn for the neighbor kids and movies played on our VCR. When they went back to school, again, there was that silence. 

Silence is a good thing. I am not so quick to try and fill the void of sound as when I was younger. It's okay to be alone with me, no interruptions from TV or social media. It's good to be still and listen...And watch the snowflakes fall.