What is it that I see in women that makes me say they have Towandatude ?  It's a little something that's not always evident on the outside, but just get to know them and you will feel it, know it and be inspired by it. It's an attitude for sure, but more than that, it's a virtue. When you talk to women that posses it, you are left feeling inspired by just being in their company. Every woman has a story. Whether it's your childhood story or your adult story, it's the story that makes YOU unique. YOUR story is filled with nuances uniquely your own. Things that shaped and formed you into the person you have become. Those events and challenges that we face can shape us as VICTIM OR VICTOR. 

My girlfriend Belinda's Mom is about to turn ninety six. She's a very southern lady filled with Towandatude. One of my favorite sayings of hers is; "YOU'VE GOT THE SAME DRAWERS TO GET GLAD IN" I hear Miss Adez (pronounced A-Deez) say that in my head when i start to feel sorry for myself !  

It's true, no matter what life throws at us, we make the choice of how we will respond. I have known women with stories that range from domestic abuse to cancer. Maybe your suffering was silent, depression and anxiety are often suffered in secret. Some women have had to face their children having a serious illness, that's a tough challenge to face.

I was so taken this past spring by the story of a gal I've known for many years. Her family lost their home and all their keepsakes to a fire. I had breakfast with her a short time after the fire. She told us about the experience and as she spoke I heard the same brave heart that had faced breast cancer years before, and then launched her own dream business. What an inspiring woman you are Ellen.   

We are surrounded by a world of amazing women filled with Towandatude ! We all have stories of overcoming adversity and changing up our lives to fit our circumstances. Be inspired today by your own story. Take some time to be inspired by someone else's story. And, if you are feeling down, Always Remember what Miss Adez says;  "YOU'VE GOT THE SAME DRAWERS TO GET GLAD IN !"   


A group of  Towandatude  filled ladies. That's our friend  Ellen  on the end in pink.

A group of Towandatude filled ladies. That's our friend Ellen on the end in pink.