The Things They Leave Behind...Part Two:Moving Day

Last Month I wrote a little story about ''The Things Our Kids Leave Behind". I began the story by telling you about the large Baby Grand Piano that sits in my tiny living room. 

Today I said goodbye to my old friend. That piano's been through a lot over the years, it has been transported from Pennsylvania to Florida, to a music store, to our townhouse, then to our new house in another county. Now, that thing I'd hoped that would someday happen, happened this morning. The piano is on a truck and moving to my son's home. He loves it so much and now he'll be able to play it every day, just like when he still lived at home.

Last night I couldn't get a little memory picture out of my mind. It was the memory of my son riding on his spring horse with his sisters taking turns sitting at the piano playing his favorite song for him, so he could ride to it. The song was one we all know, but don't know the name of, my kids called it "the Indian song". He would beg his sisters to "play the Indian song" and he'd jump on that spring horse and ride so hard that it would scoot across the floor, we'd all laugh and they'd do it all over again. Needless to say, at one o'clock this morning, I was having one of those "empty nest" moments, tears running into my ears as I played the scene over again, in my minds eye. 

This morning when I opened the door to Mike the piano mover I said, "Hello" and burst into tears. What a sap I am. I apologized to Mike and got a hold of myself and we got down to the business of getting this beast off to it's new home. I had a lovely visit with Mike and his assistant. They were so sweet to let me take pictures of them doing their job. I told them I would be using them for my Blog which sparked conversation about "What is TOWANDATUDE ?"  after explaining it to them, I apologized for not displaying much TOWANDATUDE crying like a baby earlier. Mike replied; "But isn't crying showing strength ? You're strong enough to show how you really feel, right ?" Wow, out of the mouth's of young men. I'll take that and Thank You for saying it ! 

As the guys walked down the driveway to get into the truck, Mike turned back to me, threw his fist up in the air and yelled out "TOWANDATUDE !!" I loved that, I thought to myself, "How did he know that's what me and my girlfriends do ?" (Small Miracles ARE everywhere).  

So, I am back in the house, doing what I love, rearranging the furniture (there's so much space, wow) and sharing with you. AND, Thanks to Mike's reminder, I'm doing it with a whole lot of TOWANDATUDE ! 

piano moving aug 2013 003.JPG
piano moving aug 2013 012.JPG
Farewell old friend !

Farewell old friend !