It's been a whirlwind of  excitement around here the last seven days. My daughter and her boyfriend surprised everyone by flying in for a visit. There's been a 60th Birthday, Fireworks, a celebration of Life party, more fireworks, two beach parties, a marriage  proposal, a lot of happy tears and a ton of food that I never should have ingested. It's been a blast !

Tonight my sweet girl and her husband-to-be are on an airplane. The will fly back to their home in Brooklyn, leaving us all wondering why can't they just move back here where they belong. You see, we all believe that they belong to us. All of their fun and magic that they bring every time they come to town, it seems so quiet after they go.

So, I place the clean towels back in the cabinet. I put clean sheets on the bed where they slept. I pick up one of her little rubber bands she uses in her hair (where does she get those tiny things?) I feel the softness of her still baby-like cheeks when I kissed her goodbye. I count the days until November when they will return, with the magic, with her polka-dot sunny glasses and the part of my heart that she takes with her every time she says "Bye Moomer".