A Little List of Some Super Short Inspiring Reading

Here's a little list of some books that I have found inspirational in the quest for Towandatude in my life.  I love to read and always have a novel going. I have listed some tiny books here though that are quick and inspiring. Sometimes it's hard to make time for a big book, so these are weekend do-able.

The WAR of ART by author Steven Pressfield "BREAK THROUGH THE BLOCKS AND WIN YOUR CREATIVE BATTLES" This little book has been so inspiring to me. He found me out ! At only 165 pages and tiny little to the point chapters, it's a quick weekend read.

The Art Of Growing Up by author Veronique Vienne "SIMPLE WAYS TO BE YOURSELF AT LAST"  I love this book. The beautiful photography by Jeanne Lipsey, the author's daughter is so soothing, while the read is gently inspiring. Another shorty at 93 pages. It's one that I have read and re-read many times. I know you are going to love it. **Other books by this author include, The Art of Imperfection & The Art of Doing Nothing. 

THE PULL OF THE MOON by author Elizabeth Berg. This book is a short novel just 216 pages. If you are a mid-life lady (that's my nice way to say peri or post menopausal) this book will resonate with you. OR if you have a Mom whose new quirkiness you just can't figure out, you may gain some understanding from this read. I felt like someone had read my thoughts and placed them between the pages.

MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN WHO DO TOO MUCH by Anne Wilson Schaef  "Daily meditations to help women break the cycle of doing too much-for workaholics, rushaholics, and careaholic's" There's some pretty amazing stuff in this little book. Broken down into daily thought provoking little bits. I try to read one of these bits each day. It's a true gem you will love. Give yourself permission to be You.  

 Jesus Calling by Sarah Young "Devotions for Every Day of the Year"  Part of my morning devotional time is also spent reading a page a day in this inspirational book. There is a passage for each day of the year and scripture verses to look up. It inspires me in my faith.

 AND, JUST FOR FUN... A Southern Belle Primer- or why-Princess Margaret will never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma by Marilyn Schwartz. It's kind of silly but there are things in this book that I grew up with having been raised by Southern ladies, it's good to laugh at yourself.

Enjoy YOUR weekend ! 

Little  t     iny  Reads, BIG Inspiration.   

Little t iny Reads, BIG Inspiration.