It's Friday. I'm hoping to hear from You. Today's Post, Company's Coming !

Good Morning, I am up and at'em super early this morning. The vacuum cleaner buzzing, sweet tea brewing, got the ironing board up and my spray starch out, there's yummy smells coming from the oven. I'm on a deadline. Why ? Company's coming that's why !  

My friend Marci arrives later today. It will only be a short visit, but any visit with a girlfriend is good. I want to give you a quick background story here... 

My parents marriage ended when I was seven. We (mom, brother  & me) moved back to our family in Floida. I entered the first grade late in the school year, where I was placed in a classroom of strangers that had four month's of classroom bonding under their belt. My new teacher sat me next to a sweet, quiet, blonde haired girl named Marci. That's where our friendship began. If opposites attract, this union was a sure hit. Quiet and shy blonde meets talkative, wild haired brunette. As they say, the rest is history. Our history. The history of an early childhood spent with a friend. She was the friend that I walked to school with, traded clothes with and played after school with. We did goofy stuff like saving our money and buying matching outfits. Our parents even took us on each other's family vacations. Heck, I can still tell you her childhood address and phone number !   

Today that friend is coming back home for a brief visit. I think we all have one of those girlfriends from childhood. I was wondering about you ? Do you still keep in touch with an old friend ? Will you send me a post and tell me about a long time best girlfriend in your life, here or on the Facebook page ? Hey, send a picture too !  I'll be waiting to read about you and your friend. Meanwhile, it's back to cleaning ! Have a great Friday ! 


Marci, Me and my daughter on a trip to see the Rockettes for my Birthday.

Marci, Me and my daughter on a trip to see the Rockettes for my Birthday.