These are a few of my favorite things...Send me yours.

When I woke up this morning, I felt the smoothness of the sheets around my feet and the softness of my favorite feather pillow. I thought back to a time spent in a third world country when I was afraid of the bed I was sleeping in and what little critters were living in the mattress. I have never taken my bed or sheets for granted since then. The thought came to me of just how little it takes to make us humans happy. I began my monthly I am thankful for.. list, and wondered about others "lists" ? What about you ? What are those "simple pleasures" that add loveliness to your life ? Send me your list. Come up with at least five, okay ? Waiting to hear from you. 

Here's my top ten list from this morning. 

1. The feeling of my bare feet on the wood floor. 

2. My big ugly white squishy terrycloth robe. 

3. Babies toes. (they look like little peas) 

4. The smell of a new book. 

5. Lingering at the beach in the late afternoon and staying until the sun sets. 

6. A cold glass bottle of Coke sipped through a straw. (this goes nicely with #5 & salt and vinegar chips !)   

7. Ironing with a new can of Spray Starch. 

8. The sound of rain outside my window and lying down with a book to enjoy it. 

9. Lingering at the dinner table on my porch with company, candlelight and conversation.

10. My old doggy lying next to my thigh as I sit and write in the morning. 

There ya go. That's mine. Send me yours. You can post here on the comment section following this post-OR- go to the FACEBOOK PAGE & add your list there. Can't wait to read your list of happy things !  

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