THINGS have been crazy around here lately. One of those seasons in life where you find yourself starting to say "What else could go .....". You stop yourself mid sentence, knowing you don't want to jinx things !

                            HERE'S HOW IT'S ALL GONE DOWN

      FIRST, MY CLOTHES DRYER CROAKED. I proceed to hang the wet clothes out on the clothesline. Seemed like a good idea. UNTIL the line broke ! All of the clothes fell into the swimming pool ! Yes, my clothesline is over my swimming pool..Yes, it looks like the "Beverly Hillbillies" live here.

     THEN, while getting ready for work, I dropped my diamond engagement ring. I caught it, or so I thought, it bounced off my hand and dropped into the OVERFLOW DRAIN. Yes, the tiny hole in the back of the sink. Ever wonder what it was for ? Catching runaway rings apparently !  

     THE NEXT DAY, I stroll out to the back yard early in the morning. I am greeted by a RACCOON. He has perched himself on top of my bird feeder and is having a gourmet birdseed breakfast. For the next two hours CharlieBean (the 14 yr.old killer cockapoo) and I are held hostage in the house, while ROCKY RACCOON ran around the back yard daring us to exit. Later, I answered the door to a city ANIMAL CONTROL worker. A sweet woman named KAREN. She was filled with TOWANDATUDE and sporting a raccoon LASSO. She gave Rocky a trip to the woods.  

     NOW, our 1980 Central Air Conditioner has died. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE. You have served us well for far longer than we could have dreamed possible. But, seriously, it's summer time here in the South. It's 90 degrees in the shade. Just a month ago, I didn't even have the A.C. on ! BAD TIMING MISTER ! Oh dear, I am just one HOT FLASH away from a breakdown ! 

 Here's the thing, SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A NAP !       

     I gave myself a special treat. I turned the fan on HiGH, marched myself right on over to the sofa and laid down ! This does not come naturally to me. I am more of a "Crash and Burn" kind of gal. Scarlett O'hara may have had something for us TOWANDATUDE types of ladies. SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO "THINK ABOUT IT TO-MARRAH" (read that in your best Scarlett voice). 

     SO, go on girl ! Give yourself a pass. Lie down on the couch, read a book or a magazine. TAKE A NAP ! HAVE A BEAUTY REST, YOU BEAUTY ! YES, the laundry will still be there, so will the uninstalled sink in my bathroom, (that had to removed to get my ring out). But you and I will be refreshed, composed and ready to take on the return of ROCKY RACCOON or whatever adventure that presents itself later. May YOU be WELL RESTED AND FILLED WITH TOWANDATUDE !!