Hello and Happy Friday ! I have taken a challenge this week to be part of a weekly writing prompt. Participants will be given a "prompt" and then asked to write about whatever the topic is and send it back. I am so excited to be part of this creative adventure weekly. THIS WEEK'S PROMPT is to "BLURB" yourself, like the blurb on the back of a book jacket that makes you want to read a novel. I was supposed to talk about my life, but I have been so inspired by all of you that I'm making it a BLURB about us gals with the TUDE ! SO HERE"S MY BLURB as I sent it back to them ! Have a wonderful weekend filled with TOWANDATUDE !

IT'S TOWANDAGAL and the TOWANDATUDE filled adventures of Women Young and Old as they follow the winding path through the maze of womanhood ! See them in action ! Read about their quest for a life filled with making their dreams come true ! THEY LAUGH, THEY CRY, AND THROUGH IT ALL THEY ARE TENACIOUS WOMEN WHO HAVE AWAKENED, POSSESSING STRENGTH AND INDEPENDENCE ! FOLLOW THEM AS THEY MAKE THEIR WAY IN THE WORLD AND EXUBERANTLY PURSUE THEIR DREAMS ! 

* used by permission from the author*

*used by permission from the author*